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The First Steps- Shropshire Celebrants in training!

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What an exciting weekend! We have been dreaming of training and working together as celebrants for a long time and have finally taken our first steps towards our goal.

So, who are we?

I’m Megan and married to William and we live in Shropshire (you can see a picture of us both here). We met about 7 years ago and got married just 3 years ago. We have worked together before providing home-made pizzas from our pizza oven (it was great fun but hard work – anyone want to buy a pizza oven just let us know ) and I also run a natural petal confetti business with my daughter who lives in Cornwall (Keslowena Confetti). So, we both have some experience working in the Wedding business and are really looking forward to finding out a whole lot more.

Pizza oven and strom troopers

What does the training involve?

There is nothing to stop anyone who wants to from conducting a Ceremony for someone who asks them - and there are lots of different organisations who provide training for would be Celebrants. However, we have chosen to do a Level 3, competency-based course – which sounds very fancy but really means that we will be working to get the highest qualification we can in Celebrancy and will be Government registered – once we qualify at the end of November (fingers crossed!).

William and Megan

Then what?

Once we have qualified then the learning will really start – we will be able to conduct wedding ceremonies (though not the legal bits- we will write another blog about the difference in the next week or so), baby namings and vow renewals – and can’t wait!

We know we have a huge amount to learn and are really looking forward to sharing our journey with you. If you have any questions about any aspect of the work a Celebrant does - then just ask – it might well be something we haven’t thought about and will help us to find out – or who knows – we might already know!


April 2019

A Cornish sunset
A Cornish sunset
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