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Poetry: the best words in the best order.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

How many people are currently searching the internet to find the best words in the best order to express what they want to say on their wedding day. How many Pinterest boards are being filled with beautifully expressed poignant sentiments and how many of those just miss what you want to say. Perhaps it’s time to stop mining other people’s gold but start making your own nuggets.

Who could possibly express your love the way you would like it expressed but you. What would make a perfect declaration of love, the answer is simple; one that was created by you expressing exactly what you want to say. To write poetry you do not need to make it rhyme and put it in verses you just need to pick the best words and put them in the best order.

William and Megan laughing

I have included two poems that I have written. Neither poem will ever get into a volume of the Oxford Book of English Poetry but that’s not why I wrote them. I would however feel very proud to say either of them to Megan in a vow renewal ceremony because she was the inspiration behind both of them. I hope by including them you will see that poetry is really about saying what you feel in the way you express yourself.

What Does Love Look Like?

They say you can’t see love – it’s an emotion

But I see it all the time

I see love when we look into each other’s eyes

I see love in my smile when you appear

I see love in my anxious drawn face when you are late

I see love in your hugs and kisses

I see you

I see love.

candle light

Dance in candle light

It’s because of you, yes you

You have been my womb, my safe place

The person I always turn to

My guide, my mentor, my cheerleader

Your unconditional love keeps me warm

It makes me strong, confident, overflowing with joy

I dance in candlelight

Because of you.


October 2019

A Cornish sunset
A Cornish sunset
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