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The Law of Attraction

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According to The Secret, and similar books if you commit to an idea you set off a vibration in the universe and the universe responds bringing you what you wished for or have begun thinking about. Well it will come as no surprise to those who subscribe to this belief that since deciding to become celebrants the universe has indeed delivered incredibly valuable insights and opportunities to observe, pagan, humanist and non-religious ceremonies first hand.

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We have previously blogged about the pagan hand-fasting ceremony conducted by Megan’s daughter Becky in Tintagel and we will soon be blogging about another ceremony that Becky led, which also involved hand-fasting as part of Megan and I’s vow renewal. But that was last weekend.

Wearing a different hat, this weekend we were on confetti duty. Megan and Becky run a natural flower confetti business and they were scheduled to be at the Unconventional Wedding Festival, Becky was unable to attend so I was volunteered.

We quickly discovered that the best way to promote our confetti was to attend a demonstration ceremony and then give the audience handfuls of our gorgeous petals to shower the happy couple. Seven ceremonies conducted by three different celebrants was quite a return from the universe but the best was still to come.

One of the celebrants was short of models to play the lead so we happily volunteered and we were for the second Sunday in a row making vows to each other. While the ceremony was a mock one our vows to each other were real and to add even more theatre to the event we were given a bird of prey to hold towards the end of the ceremony. I held a magnificent eagle owl while Megan held a beautiful gyrfalcon, a bird on the arm is worth….

Next Sunday we are not planning on getting married again but then we were not planning to do so last weekend. Universe – bring it on!

Megan and William wearing confetti hats

Thanks to: Stand Out Ceremonies, Star Ceremonies, Susan Denton Celebrant, T for Tutu and Wedding Birds of Prey.


May 2019

A Cornish sunset
A Cornish sunset
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