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Memorial or Celebration of Life Services


Memorials and Celebration of Life ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, especially now with the restriction that Covid-19 is placing on attendance at funerals.

A Memorial or Celebration of Life service (the difference is really only in the tone and approach) can be held anywhere you like, whenever you like and has no time restrictions unlike a funeral service. It is not uncommon for a ceremony to be held a year or more after the death.

You can choose to involve as many, or as few, friends and family in the ceremony as you wish and it will be as unique as your loved one. We can include secular, religious or home-grown rituals and as much music, poetry, love and even laughter as you need.

Having contacted one of us, we will spend time with you, and anyone else you would like us to work with, in advance of the ceremony to ensure that we have all the information we need to create a truly individual and fitting memorial. The ceremony will completely reflect the life, values and beliefs of your loved one and give you, family and friends the time and space to come together to mourn, to share your memories and say goodbye to the person you love.

Having met with you we will create a draft script which we will share with you so that you can check the content. You will have our contact telephone number and email address so that we can work together to make any revisions on the script. After the ceremony we will send you a keep-sake copy of the final script.

Every Memorial and Celebration of Life Ceremony is different so please do get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your plans before booking.

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