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Ceremony to mark the Scattering or Interment of the Remains


Some people choose to have their loved one's ashes scattered whilst others wish to have the ashes interred (which just means buried rather than scattered). Many families arrange between themselves when and how they will do this but increasingly, families are turning to celebrants to help them mark this final farewell.

These ceremonies are usually shorter and less formal than the funeral and may take place just 2 or 3 weeks after the funeral or many years later. We find that people seek out a celebrant to help them scatter the remains for many different reasons. A ceremony to mark the scattering of a loved one’s ashes can be a helpful way of enabling all the different members of a family who are perhaps unwilling to come together at the funeral to say their goodbyes. It can also be a beautiful way to mark the joining once more of a couple, for instance the first person within a couple to die may wish for their remains to be kept until their partner also dies so that they can interred together.

Given the significance of this final act, a celebrant led ceremony can create the structure and gravitas appropriate to the occasion and include appropriate symbolic acts to make it the poignant moment it should be.

Whatever the life stories are behind the scattering or interment, we will each be happy to work with you to create a fitting and memorable ceremony.

You may already know us from the funeral, in which case creating the type of ceremony you want should be straightforward. If we do not know you or your loved one, we will need to spend more time working with you to ensure we have all that we need. In either case we will create a truly individual ceremony that reflects the life, values and beliefs of your loved one.

As with a funeral we will work with you (and anyone else you would like to be involved) to create a draft script ahead of the day of the ceremony. We will send this to you so that you can check the content and we will make any revisions that are agreed. We will also be happy to send you a commemorative copy of the script after the ceremony if you would like one.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas with one of us before you decide to book us, then do just get in touch.

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